- VIATORPLUSULTRA's management always makes the commitment with its customers in relation to supply top quality products to the professional of military units, police and other security companies. VIATORPLUSULTRA always try to bring the best and latest products on the market. To this end, it develops the necessary resources to ensure that the activities carried out by the Organization meet the expectations and needs of the clients. We take advantage of the proposals of our customers that demand their own needs, as well as our initiative to show the most novel and elitist product on the market.

VIATORPLUS ULTRA is aware of the importance of high quality, as well as the need for good management of resources. We are committed to the dissemination of these values ​​to the entire entity. To this end, we implement and maintain a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

Said Quality System aims to ensure the best possible fulfillment of our commitments to all stakeholders, so that our services and products better respond to their needs.

As a permanent objective with our clients, besides proposing to achieve their maximum satisfaction through a quality service, the following aspects are also important:

- Ensure that the products supplied to our Customers are safe, reliable and comply with the applicable specifications, standards and codes.

- Establish actions and programs within a process of continuous improvement of the Management System.

- Supply products whose quality / price ratio satisfies the expectations of our Customers.

- Maintain contact with Clients and interested parties with the intentions of collaborating together in the improvement of our products and services.

- To instruct, motivate and involve all the personnel in the management and development of the implemented System of the Organization's Policy to all the employees.

- To abide by and keep abreast of all legal and regulatory provisions, in its different areas, that affect our activities, as well as other voluntary requirements that the organization subscribes to.

- Always take action to continuously improve the effectiveness of the system and quality deviations, depending on the actual possibilities of the Organization.

- The organization uses the risk assessment methodology of the processes to prevent the possible deviations or nonconformities of the quality management system.

- Review the Policy periodically to adapt it to the changes and demands of the business and social environment.